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Our clients’ opinions  9 stycznia 2019 „Complete equipping of the film recycling line and the film production lines )blow method) as well as packaging production system. Thorough advise and support in the process of the order preparation, financing, delivery maintenance ,as well as the first starting. Immediate reaction and response to our questions regrading the...


Linia do regranulacji PE PP 150-200 kg/h Announcements PE PP 150 - 200 kg/h granulating line Exceptional price bargain! DAP (Delivered at place) Price 106.000,00 USD (customs, transport and port costs included) The highest standard of equipment in promo price available at demand! Post-exhibit line. Delivery in June! The line equipped with the systems of...
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Ban on waste import to China The recycling of the plastics in Europe after the implementation of new Chinese law regulations At the beginning of 2018 the ban on the import of 24 types of waste has been implemented. There are for main categories of the waste: plastics (incl. PET bottles), not segregated paper, slag&dust...