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Squeezer – drying & compacting (squeezing) film, laminates possessed from the Tetra-Pack packaging type and other materials. This machine makes it possible to lower the volume of the dried material significantly as well as transferring it directly to the extruder. The machine is fully automatic, and the primary raw material is subjected to heat treatment and homogenization thanks to which the final moisture varies from 3 to 5 % and its volume decreases a few times (approx. ten times). The usage of squeezer saves energy significantly as the agglomerator and pipe driers and centrifuges can be eliminated from the production line. The parameters such as the efficiency or the adaptation for a specific material are chosen individually with the accordance of the demands of our clients. This machine can be used as a final element of the washing line or in connection with a special cleaning crusher depending on the level of dirtiness of the  primary raw material.


  • High quality product with the application of advanced technological lines
  • The machine is highly recommended for the plastics films, plastic bags, BIG BAGs
  • After suitable redesigning of the homogenization system it can also be used with the plastics such as: PS or PET
  • When used with the cleaning crusher, this machine thoroughly substitutes a full line for washing slightly unclean materials
  • All the machines are (each time) designed and configured with accordance of the individual demands of each Client.

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