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We offer sorters for various types of plastics such as: PE, PP, PS, PVC, ABS, PET and many more.

The material is transported from the silo by the vibration machine to the separating compartment. Here the optical system using the changeability of the light intensity in the background spectrum initiates in-put system of the electromagnetic valve. After the opening of this valve it blows out discolored and damaged parts. The elements eliminated are then transported to a separate container.

Apart from the separation based on the color, the material can be sorted in close infra-red technology.

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We offer mixers for various types of plastics such as: PP, PE, PS, PET, HDPE, LDPE and many more of varied capacity – from 100 to 10000 kg, made of stainless steel and equipped with overheating protection.

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We offer agglomerators used for PP, PE, PET, PA compaction/concentration in order to decrease capacity and bulk density of the materials in the form of spacious waste.

All our machines  and installations are (each time) designed and configured with accordance of the individual demands of each Client.

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We offer laboratory equipment for the in-house/workplace laboratories facilities such as: melt flow testers (plastometers) for MFI examination, laboratory extruders, spectrometers, incinerators, lab scales, hygrometers (moisture testers), densimeters, vacuum dryers.

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We offer laboratory equipment for the strength testing such as:

  • compressive strength/resistance
  • Squeezing strength/resistance
  • Tensile strength and relative elongation at break
  • Creep under internal pressure

Resistance to external impacts  and others


EPS recycling line, especially dirty EPS coming form fish boxes, plates, building materials etc. The EPS waste is first fragmented then washed and dried and finally compacted into EPS blocks.

We always adjust EPS recycling lines to the individual needs of the client.


EPE recycling line with surface melting

EPE/Extendible polyethylene recycling line. EPE origin waste is first fragmented, eventually compacted into EPS blocks and surface-melted in order to reduce capacity.

We always adjust EPE/Extendible polyethylene recycling recycling lines to the individual needs of the client.




EPS, XPS, EPE, EPP, PSP compaction lines

EPS, XPS, EPE, EPP, PSP hot compaction lines. This technology of melting enables constant production in relation 90:1. High density filling weighs up to 25 tons for the 40HQ container load (Density: 600-800kg/m3)



EPS, EPE/PE, EPP, PSP, XPS, PUR, PSP shredder.

EPS, EPE/PE, EPP, PSP, XPS, PUR, PSP shredders are used for the compression of the waste capacity. Shredders are powered by two enormous engines and are capable of breaking foams of different sizes and densities.