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Plastics recycling machines  directly from the producer, without complicated multi-step network of distribution.

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The advantage of the Argus Machines on the market is based on the experience in manufacturing and production, thorough knowledge of all the possible issues related to the recycling and processing plastics.

We are constantly monitoring the market of recycling, changing Polish and European law regulations in our field and we follow the latest trends in this sector. We regularly take part in the industry trade fairs.

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Argus Maszyny-Linia do regranulacji

Granulating (pelletizing) & compoun...

Single screw extruder line for granulating (pelletizing) plastics Single screw extruder line for granulating (pelletizing) plastics can be used for processing clean post-production materials such as: PP, PE, BOPP, CPP, PET, EPT etc. Carefully designed length of the extruder as well as the screw stroke in connection with gravity and vacuum degassing guarantee high quality...
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Squeezer – drying & compactin...

Squeezer - drying & compacting (squeezing) film, laminates possessed from the Tetra-Pack packaging type and other materials. This machine makes it possible to lower the volume of the dried material significantly as well as transferring it directly to the extruder. The machine is fully automatic, and the primary raw material is subjected to heat treatment...
Argus Maszyny- linia do mycia folii PE/PP

Plastics washing lines

Plastics washing lines Plastics washing line makes it possible to clean very dirty, printed or oiled films and packagings used in food packaging, industry and agriculture. The main elements of the line are made of high quality stainless steel, which makes them significantly more durable. We offer a number of different capacities of the machine...
Argus Maszyny- Mycie butelek PET

PET recycling line

PET waste recycling line This line is applied in PET bottle or sheets waste recycling. PET waste recycling line can be designed according to the individual needs of the Client, depending on the level of dirtiness so that the final product could be clean, homogeneous and of high quality. The high standard of the automatization...
Linia do WPC

WPC & PVC Extruders

WPC profiles and granulate extruder We offer production lines for Wood Plastic Composite as well as the WPC granulating lines. We recommend the following machines: Extruder for WPC granulate Extruder for WPC profiles and panels Supplementary machines: dryers, pulverizers, mixers, volumetric and gravity feeders etc WPC is a thermoplastic material created in the process of...
Kruszarka dwuwałowa

Shredders and crushers

Shredders Single shaft shredder with fence is designed to shred hard and thick-walled  materials such as: pipes, assemblages, gum, containers etc. The construction of the rotor makes it possible to proces high-size materials such as: barrels, balloons, car-bumpers etc. Thanks to a special hydraulic system of fence, which moves the material towards the rotor and...
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Film production lines

Film production lines Single-layer film blowing production line is designed to produce a wide variety of strips and tapes from materials such as: LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE etc. Thanks to the possibility of the blowing width adjustment as well as regulation of the thickness of the film the ready-made products have application in: packaging, waste collecting...
Linia do produkcji masek jednorazowych- Argus Maszyny

Plastic bags production lines

Machines for the production of non-woven polypropylene bags Machines for the production of plastic bags incl.: automats for the production of  non-woven polypropylene bags with short, long or cut-in handles in the types of of the bags: without bottom, with bottom, with bottom and side. We offer also automatic sealers for the production of plastic...
Sorter optyczny

Sorters, mixers, agglomerators

Sorters for plastics We offer sorters for various types of plastics such as: PE, PP, PS, PVC, ABS, PET and many more. The material is transported from the silo by the vibration machine to the separating compartment. Here the optical system using the changeability of the light intensity in the background spectrum initiates in-put system...
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